I am a multi media artist known for using vibrant colors and signature repetitive art marks that come alive in each of my abstract paintings to evoke a happy feeling by the viewer.  I paint using alcohol inks and acrylic paint on different substrates, including plexiglas, aluminum,  wood, and clayboard which all give different effects to the painting..


As an artist, making abstract expressionism is about the journey of bringing positivity, happiness and fun to my day.  It’s a way to express my inner self, curiosity for learning by creating and expressing my feelings on the canvas and doing what I love.

I embrace each canvas starting with whatever color palette speaks to me that day.   I love to be playful and open up to new possibilities, embracing the unpredictable and inviting the serendipitous occurrence that the final piece will become.  I let go and use my intuition to choose which marks and strokes to make in response to my mood and feelings at that moment.  Most of my paintings go through stages of evolvement, constantly re-evaluating until I feel the piece is complete.  The inks on Plexiglas are done in a reverse painting technique and are transparent so it is a mystery when I see the finished piece complete as the light shines on it.


I like to bring my life experiences and personal journeys to each piece of work.   I use organic shapes, bright, intense and vivid colors in my artwork with the intention of invoking a happy and joyful response by the viewer and making the world a more colorful place.



...and abstract expressionist artist.   She has been creating art in different forms through out her life as a hobby.   In 2011, after her daughters went off to college, she started taking painting lessons and found the immediate happiness that abstract expressionism invoked in her.  She realized that being an artist was her calling and has made it her full time career ever since.  She likes to experiment with different types of mediums and substrates in her work.  She uses vibrant colors that bring each piece to life. Simon’s gets her inspiration for many of her pieces from the glass artist, Dale Chilhuly..

Simon has participated in a number of group exhibitions in both Texas and California.  Simon is an alumna of the University of Texas in Austin where she received a BS in Advertising.  In 2014-15, she taught art and art history to elementary students at City Artworks and in 2015 covered the art scene as contributing writer for the Houston Inner Looper Newspaper.


In 2016, after working with several different types of up-cycled materials in her art pieces and seeing several community art installations, she decided to lead a community wide, permanant public art project for the First Ward of Houston, using 10,000 water and soda bottles to form a colorful flower garden on a 150 ft fence on Houston Avenue and Edwards Street.


Simon has a studio at The Silos on Sawyer, Suite 207, where she creates, exhibits and sells her work.

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