“Stay Happy and Be Positive” is my mantra that I live by in life and incorporate into my art practice.  This emotional connection is what I hope my work brings to viewers and buyers.  An escape from reality that shines happiness and positivity every time they look at my paintings.  This is my artistic path.

I have been a creator all my life.  When my two daughters went off to college, I simultaneously took a painting class and life coaching certification program, and suddenly found the two programs colliding.  Through my life coaching journey, I found my life calling for expressive painting and the emotional well-being it provided me.  It was so impactful, I ended up coaching myself into being a full-time, professional artist. My life coaching


also helped me understand the importance of positivity and happiness in my creative works.

Every day is a journey into lots of unknowns which excites me.  I love to experiment with a variety of substrates and mediums including alcohol inks on plexiglas, metal, yupo paper and clayboard and more traditional forms with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas… but I’m always finding new ways to create.  All my works explode with color, creating a cohesive body of work.  It’s on the conceptual level, though, where the hidden power may be found, and ensures that the art is never static as it turns on itself and then expands outward.  As I learned from my life coaching experiences, what you see depends on where you are in life and where you stand in the room.  That is happiness to me!

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